JonDo 0.18.001

JonDos GmbH (Open Source)

JonDo is an anonymous IP changer proxy tool for Mozilla Firefox that was first released in 2007. It is a traffic forwarder for web browsers that allows users to privately and anonymously surf the Web. This proxy tool allows users to navigate the Internet safely by altering IP addresses using multiple encrypted IP numbers from the browser. It is a Java application and open-source tool application for Mozilla Firefox browsers.

JonDo also enables users to securely enter and hack into a browser’s history pages, cookies, and scripts for optimized online browsing. JonDo optimizes browsers by supplementing random IP anonymisation tools.  It can also change the users IP address for much secure Web browsing.  The software features a wide variety of possibilities for anonymous browsing. Users can easily surf through underground websites and blocked web pages. JonDo is best used with another browser such as Tor Onion Router browser to improve anonymity while surfing and browsing the Internet. JonDo also works simultaneously with the user’s antivirus program and firewall for fast and secure Web browsing.

Other features of JonDo application include the following:

• Portable mode allows users to easily store the application in a pen drive or USB drive.
        Easy to edit scripts allow users flexibility in using the application.
• Added Skype secure client functionality allows users to integrate this with other programs.
• Users can turn on and off warnings and error pop-ups.