Joint Operations Typhoon Rising

NovaLogic (Proprietary)

Joint Operations Typhoon Rising is a first person shooter game. It was created and distributed by NovaLogic and was initially released in mid-2004. The game is set in Indonesia and the plot circulates on a country that is in the middle of chaos via disintegration. The locals are fighting against government forces. The main objective of the players is to establish a certain sense of control over the rebel armies and so-called freedom fighters.

Although Joint Operations Typhoon Rising is available in multiplayer mode, the game initially begins with a series of training exercises for new players. There are different training missions that have to be accomplished before a player gets access to actual gameplay levels. When a player completes these training missions, he or she can then register to play in multiplayer mode which takes place over the Internet so a stable Web connection is necessary. Here, players can interact with participants from different parts of the world. Depending on the level or mission, participants are able to form gameplay clans or teams.

The objective during team play is to beat other teams in pacifying the rebel troops. There are designated control areas and kills that have to be achieved for a particular clan to emerge victorious.