Joint Editor DS4

DAZ 3D (Proprietary)

Joint Editor DS4 is one of the many graphic design plug-ins developed by DAZ 3D. This plug-in is a bundled solution with Content Creator Tool Kit. Owning the DAZ Studio 4.x Pro edition includes the Content Creator Tool Kit and this plug-in. For artists that utilize DAZ Studio 4.x and DAZ Studio, this add-on must be purchased separately to get these plug-ins.

Joint Editor DS4 has features that allow artists to manipulate joint parameters in the character project. Manipulating these parameters gives realistic form to the character being worked on. This plug-in allows artists to create skeletons and add or delete bones. It supports the creation of numerous bone types found in the body that complete the skeletal form. Upon creating the bone, users can snap and align them into place.

Creating bones is easy, but the plug-in also lets users customize bones according to positions, bulge value, orientations, and other properties. Aside from manual customization, artists can also extract donor skeletons for simple modifications. This process is recommended for modifying numerous bones, position, and rotation at the same time.

It also prevents the occurrence of typical problems in forming joints. Examples of these joint-designing problems include joint sphere popping and other problematic results while manipulating the form. Joint Editor DS4 comes with viewport manipulators. This feature promotes better control and easier manipulation that results to perfect graphics.