ZTE Corporation (Freeware)

JoinMe is a PC-companion software to ZTE mobile phones. The software lets users have an unparalleled access to their ZTE smartphones. When connecting a ZTE phone to the computer, the software will let the user see the phone and the SD card immediately. Along with it are the contacts, the messages, records, and apps. It can also list down multimedia (photos, music, and videos). When multiple phones are connected to the computer, the software lets users switch between them. There are backup options. This can make users to not worry about losing data in case of phone lost.

JoinMe lets users to manage contacts with ease. Contacts can be divided into groups. There are editing options available for adding and modifying contact information. The software combines all messages the phones got from one contact and show them according to time. There are multiple tabs to see drafts and sent items. The call log will list down the list of all calls made with time duration. Moving apps is possible, too. Move apps from the SD to the phone’s memory easily using the program’s features. This will remove the need to uninstall the item first before moving to a different memory.

Other features of the software are the following

• Easy export and import of files
• Managing music, videos, and images
• Calendar
• Upgrading the Android version