John Paul Chacha's Chasys Draw IES 4.04

John Paul Chacha's Lab (Freeware)

Chasys Draw IES is a collection of applications that revolves around extensive drawing and editing functions. Its program consists of a quick image viewer, a converter for image files which are multi-threaded, a file processor for RAW cameras, an image editor which is layer based with animation, a super-resolution feature through image stacking, and icon editing support. The suite was created to make the most of pen-input devices, touch-screens, and multi-core processors.

One can designate the Chasys Draw IES as the default graphics tool and associate it with a number of file types.  These associations can be changed at any time. Steps in the process of completing projects are made easy for the user. Chasys Draw IES makes use of the idea of a free-style layer which is able to be placed anywhere an image, or be totally removed from it. In choosing the New Project command, the program guides the user in choosing the image, video, or disk label to be used. Tools, effects, and brushes are available for flexibility in customer design. The types of orientation, background colors, dimensions and resolutions are also specified by the user.  Small icons are provided to change images from a portrait to landscape orientation or vice versa.  The suite also provides additional tools such as calculator, icon generator, color palette generator, and a Notepad utility.