John Deere Drive Green

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

John Deere Drive Green is a farming simulation game that was first released in 2009. The player starts with only a few items. These include a farm and house, basic farming skills, a tractor, and a plow. There are available jobs to perform for other farmers in order to gain money. The in-game money can be used to purchase better equipment. The more efficient the player is at doing the tasks, the more Deere Dollars are earned.

The jobs start out easy at first and gets more complicated as the game progresses. There are 15 jobs to perform for other farmers. These jobs will help in improving the player’s items so that finishing other levels will be easier. After choosing a job, the player gets to control a farming machine in different locations, such as golf courses, farms, and fields. The jobs can be redone to achieve the maximum Deere Dollars.

Apart from finishing these jobs, another goal is to maintain and improve the player’s own farm. Farming activities included in the game are mowing, plowing, harvesting, and many more.

Some of the farming rigs available in the game are:
• Chisel plow
• Air drill seed planter
• Gator TH 6x4 utility vehicle
• Liquid sprayer
• Rotary mower