Joboshare Video Converter

Joboshare (Shareware)

Joboshare Video Converter is an application that is used to convert various formats for audio and video files. Usual video converters have single function in terms of file conversion. Joboshare does not only process video formats but also converts audio files to other forms. The application supports AVI, WMV, MPEG, etc. The dual functionality of the program makes the conversion process very versatile and efficient. Combination of tasks is advisable to do audio extraction and video conversion where users can assign different task at the same time. It will only take a single step to perform these processes. In this manner, the ripping speed becomes faster. The process is fast because the application supports multi- core or dual core processors.

Joboshare has an editing tool that is used to clip the file to locate the starting point and to determine the file duration. This feature is also used to trim movie length and to remove unnecessary segments. Users can double check the length of the movie by using the Preview Tool before converting the file. Users can choose different options during conversion such as Pause, Stop, and Continue.

Installing the program is very easy by simply downloading the software and running the installer application. Users should secure minimum system requirement to work properly. The programs require a minimum system requirement of a dual core system or any equivalent.