Joboshare DVD Copy 3.4.5

Joboshare (Shareware)

Joboshare DVD Copy is a tool that enables users to make copies of a DVD movie into another DVD in a ratio of 1:1. This program is developed and released by Joboshare on September 2012. Its main feature is making exact DVD copies. This program can also perform DVD-9 to DVD-5 disc compressions without sacrificing quality. This program also performs DVD to DVD folder copying, as well as DVD to ISO output. This DVD folder or ISO folder may later be burned to a DVD disc.

Joboshare DVD Copy features support for several DVD formats including dual layer DVD. This program also enables users to customize their DVD movies. Users may choose to copy the main movie only. Users may also choose to remove the DVD menus at the start of the movie. They can also pre-select which subtitles to include or to remove them altogether. This program also enables users to select the audio tracks to apply in case of multiple audio tracks.

Joboshare DVD Copy a very simple user interface. The left panel shows the Settings window that enables users to name the volume, select the audio, and choose the subtitle. Users may even designate a temporary file folder for the copied DVD. The right portion features a preview window that displays the current status of the DVD copy process. The Write/Stop button is located on the lower right portion. Users may select the Source folder path, and Destination path using the dropdown selectors at the bottom of the window.