Job Registration Tool

Canon Electronics Inc. (Shareware)

The Job Registration Tool is a program for registering scanning jobs. Registering jobs enables the computer to store scanning condition settings, image file format selection, save destination, and image data processing for every job that will be executed with the Job Function. The tool is capable of registering up to 99 scanning jobs.

The software consists of the main window and dialog boxes for new jobs and administrative functions. From the menu bar, users can select a scan job from the job list. The selected item may be registered edited, copied, or deleted. Selecting “copy” displays the dialog box that asks for a job number to copy to and job title. Opening the Admin dialog box allows the user to configure settings for keeping track of the storage folder for images and backing up data for scan jobs.

TWAIN drivers enable the transfer of digital photos or scans into image-editing programs. As a TWAIN-compatible application that comes with the ISIS/TWAIN driver, the Job Registration Tool can be launched from the Programs menu. It can be used to program various functions using the job buttons. The “Start” button gets the scanning started in accordance with the application settings. The “Stop” button immediately stops the scanning. The “Save as file” button saves the scanned image data as a PDF file and stores it in the Pictures folder.