JaboSoft (Freeware)

Jnes is an emulator that enables users to play Nintendo games on a non-Nintendo gaming system, such as a personal computer or an Android device. As an emulator, it copies or imitates the Nintendo Entertainment System, allowing users to play classic arcade games with full support for sounds and graphics. In addition to providing access to Nintendo games, this utility also allows players to use controllers with their PC. Its other features are:

• Intuitive user interface for computers, tablets, and smartphones – the simple layout of the interface lets novice players enjoy playing games instead of looking for complicated menus. It has support for different gaming controllers such as USB gamepads and touch screens as well.
• Saving game progress  automatically – the program features instant save states; users can also save manually and resume the game via the quick access keys.
• Movie, sound, and gameplay recording with NTSC and PAL support – recorded gameplays may be reviewed and shared with others.
• Pro-Action-Replay and Game Genie cheats database – with this feature, users can select cheats to apply on a game
• Video rendering options – users can choose to play in a window or on full-screen mode. Users can change the resolution in each mode according to their preferred display type.

Users may have games already installed in their device or saved in an SD card.