SAS (Proprietary)

JMP is a statistical application developed and distributed by SAS Institute. The program is specifically designed for applications like experimental deign, Six Sigma, quality control and engineering, and scientific research. The program is available in five editions – JMP Pro, JMP, JMP Genomics, JMP Clinical, and JMP Graph Builder.

JMP edition is used for linking statistical data with data visualization. It is originally the statistical software created by SAS. The JMP Graph Builder edition is an app for the iPad that allows on-the-go data analysis. It is also capable of sharing data results from other JMP editions. JMP Pro offers all the basic features available in JMP with advanced tools for advanced analyses while the JMP Genomics leverages SAS, JMP, and applications used to analyze and visualize genomics data sets. The JMP Clinical is specifically designed for clinical trial analysis.

The program is mainly used for exploratory data visualization and data analysis. This allows users to examine and study the data in order to learn something unpredictable instead of confirming hypotheses. The application works by connecting statistical data with the graphics that represent them. This enables users to analyze both data and graphical representations in depth. JMP Software features a wizard-like interface acting as a front-end to the SAS system. It is capable of performing various statistical functions including Accelerated Life Test Design, Augment Design, Bivariate, Cell Plot, Choice Design, and more.