JkDefrag 4.3.1

J.C. Kessels (Freeware)

JkDefrag is a disk defragmenter for Windows. It reduces the fragmentation of file systems by organizing storage devices into the smallest possible fragment (or region.) This allows the creation of a larger space in the hard drive that is free. It is particularly useful to hard drives that have a large amount of files stored in them. JKDefrag has a lot of options for it to run. It can also run without options. When running that way, the software will group the files in 3 zones. It is done this way to optimize speed. The 3 zones are the Directories and System Files, Regular files and large files.

JkDefrag features an automated operation. The number of command line interface options allows the users to schedule when they want to defragment their computers. The software does not even need to be installed as it runs on default options. All the users have to do is unzip the downloaded file and unpack it on their desired folder. It can even run from a USB device.

Other features of the software are the following:

• Permissions – JkDefrag can optimize and defrag all files that it has access. The access depends whether it is run by an “Administration” user or not. If the computer is run in Administrator mode, it can access all files.
• Stopping – it can be stopped safely anytime
• LogFile – The software can display the files currently being defragmented because of the logfile.