Jitsi 2.2 (32-bit) (Open Source)

Jitsi is a communications tool that provides users with a platform for instant messaging and videoconferencing. As a multiplatform VoIP, it has support for computers running on MAC OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows operating systems. It also offers support for popular telephony and IM protocols for chat, voice and video conferencing, and video streaming.

One of its key features is its encrypted instant messaging service. This application supports the OTR, or Off-the-Record Messaging encryption protocol. During an instant messaging session, users can click on a padlock icon in the chat window and verify the identity of the person they are talking with. This application also enables users to make voice and video calls to other users who may not share the same protocol. Therefore, those using SIP or XMPP (includes Facebook Chat and Google Talk) may be able to converse with those using proprietary protocols such as Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo!

Among Jitsi’s features are the following:

• Message Waiting Indication – users who are not online to receive messages will receive a notification of a message the next time they log on to the application
• Videobridge – this feature enables users to create a group video chat. Each user will be shown in a window the same size as the others.
• File transfer – this can be done for AIM/ICQ, YIM, XMPP, and Windows Live Messenger
• Desktop Streaming – users can share their desktops with others; this is useful when demonstrating a program or for project collaboration