Jingle Keyboard 1

Uxus Software (Shareware)

Jingle Keyboard is a utility that plays the sound of a typewriter when keyboard keys are pressed. Aside from the sound of a typewriter, this tool also lets users select their own sound files to be played. The application appears in the task tray so it can be easily enabled or disabled. The icon for the program can be changed; users can select from a variety of icons provided. This utility makes use of WAV format sounds, which are easily downloaded from the Internet or recorded using the computer’s microphone.

This utility offers the following customization features:

• Assign any sound to any key, including Shift, Backspace, and Caps Lock. Users can also mute certain keys.
• Make the application launch upon system startup. This feature may be disabled from the Preferences menu.
• An options interface where users can select their desired settings.
• Mouse clicks can also be assigned specific sounds.

Jingle Keyboard works with all Windows applications. This desktop utility features a sound scheme; users can select from 9 keyboard and 3 mouse events. Users can assign different sound files for each scheme. The Typewriter Sound scheme is the default setting; pressing the Enter key will give off the sound of the carriage return.