Jimbo (Freeware)

Jimbo is a personal helper application that alerts the user of reminders and things to do. It is essentially a management utility that aims to help the user become more organized by reminding them of recurring daily tasks, which it does by displaying a to-do list on the user’s computer screen. The user is required to input tasks and events into the program. The application will then automatically set off an alert on the scheduled date and time for a certain event or task.

This application can also offer users reminders for a variety of events relevant to their interests, such as local school calendar events, festival reminders, holidays in the United States, and many others. Its basic user interface was designed by the developers to be intuitive for novice users.

Other features of Jimbo include the following:

• Users may opt to set Jimbo to chime at certain times specific to when they wish to be reminded of things they have to do.
• Users can be reminded to prepare for such tasks and events tagged as “important,” such as scheduled errands, specific chores, and activities at home.
• The interface is simple to read, therefore helping organize the user’s day-to-day activities with ease of use and input of information.