Jigsaws Galore

Gray Design Associates (Shareware)

A childhood pastime for many, and a wonderful reminder of the past. There is timeless fun to be had in the solving of a jigsaw puzzle. Countless hours have been spent by millions of people, racking their brains to solve jigsaw puzzles ranging from the small, medium, and the extremely large jigsaw puzzles. Now, with the help of technology, the people from Gray Design Associates have written Jigsaw Galore. It is a virtual jigsaw puzzle game for Microsoft Windows.

The beauty of Jigsaws Galore is exactly what its name implies: jigsaw puzzles galore. The game gives players the classic jigsaw shapes to play around with on several puzzles. These shapes can also be customized to create more futuristic shapes that are not found in the classic jigsaw puzzles. The game also allows players to import photos and graphics and turn these in to custom jigsaw puzzles. The game also includes simulation of the material that the board is made of. These materials range from paper, tin foil, wood, and card. Players can customize almost any aspect of the board and the puzzle pieces. They also have the option to arrange the puzzle pieces around the board and sort them according to color and shape.