Jigsaw Puzzle Mania 1.1.5

nertiasoftware (Shareware)

Jigsaw Puzzle Mania is a utility that facilitates the creation of jigsaw puzzles comprising as much as hundreds of individual pieces. The created puzzles can then be solved by avid puzzle solvers. This game features as many as 15 collections and more than 200 images and the puzzles are optimized for players who use tablets.

Jigsaw Puzzle Mania has many features, has seven difficulty levels, and allows users to create puzzles from his or her own photo library or from images found on the Internet. Therefore, this game is a far cry from other puzzles since unique photos taken by the user of the program can be used.

This game has useful features that facilitate finding immediate solutions. There is a zoom in-zoom out functionality that can assist the player in determining the place for the particular piece. The board can also be locked in just one click. An autosave function ensures that there is no risk of losing a puzzle that is still under creation. Users of Jigsaw Puzzle Mania are allowed to share their puzzles and current level of progress by instantly sharing achievements in social media networks.

This game presents players with high scores and allows gamers to play with others. The leaderboards are available from Google Play Game Services.