Jigsaw Deluxe

Elefun (Freeware)

Jigsaw Deluxe is a game in which players must complete a puzzle before the time runs out. Players are given the choice to select the picture they would like to work on and indicate how many puzzle pieces they would like to have. The application will then break the selected picture into the specified number of pieces and send these out in a queue from the top left corner of the gameplay area, down to the bottom, across the interface, and up to the right corner. Players must pick the pieces from the queue and put them on the proper space on the picture. The puzzle must be completed before the remaining puzzle pieces reach the top right corner, indicated by an X.

In addition to picture and puzzle shape selection, the game also offers the following features:
• Game points. Users get points for playing, even if a puzzle is not completed. The accumulated score can be used to unlock a new picture or to select a new puzzle shape.
• Difficulty level. The level of difficulty can be set by choosing a puzzle size—the more pieces there are, the more challenging the game is.
• Helpful pieces. The game offers a magnifying glass and a magnet that can help players find where a piece must be placed.
• A Relax Mode where there is no time limit for finishing a puzzle.