jGRASP 2.0.0 Beta 12

jGRASP Team (Freeware)

jGRASP is a development environment developed by the jGRASP Team and released on August 2011. It has two functions. For Java, this program enables users to generate software visualizations automatically aiding users to achieve more comprehensible software. This program enables users to see source code structure static visualizations. It also enables users to view data structures visualizations during runtime. However, aside from the Java programming language, this program can be a source code editor.

jGRASP produces CSDs or  Control Structure Diagrams. These are control flow diagrams that improve the readability of source codes. This functionality is integrated in the source code editing window. CSDs may be regenerated on demand allowing for instantaneous regenerations. This program also features Java object viewers which provide structural and interface-based data structure views. This is useful during workbench and debugging operations. Structural views display the internal structure of linked lists, trees, and hash tables. Interface-based views display both the ArrayList and the LinkedList as a list of elements. This program also features a Complexity Profile Graph that aids the users in the identification of overly complex source code areas. It is a statement-level complexity diagram. The jGRASP editing window comes with integrated Complexity Profile Graph. This program also features Unified Modelling Language diagram generation support. It enables users to identify and manage dependencies between two classes.