Jewels of the East India Company

Katherina Walensky (Shareware)

Jewels of the East India Company is a game in the Match 3 genre, in which players are tasked to make matches of three or more jewels to remove these from the game grid. In this game, players must help a young mapmaker by the name of Mr. Case find treasures. Mr. Case has been given a job proposal to work in an exotic part of India close to the famed Blue Mountains, when he discovers an extraordinary cache of rare jewels. To recover these, players must help Mr. Case by matching at least three types of gems.

Unlike other Match 3 games, Jewels of the East India Company allows players to match adjacent jewels in any direction, in addition to matching these vertically or horizontally. For instance, players can match jewels in a zigzag shape as long as these are adjacent to one another. There are 300 levels in total, and each level poses a different challenge. To help players make more matches and finish a level, the game provides power-ups and special gems. There are also bonuses such as magical ropes, cannons, and magical chains to help players overcome obstacles. Each successful level brings players closer to the heart of the Blue Mountains.

There is also a bonus arcade game to play, and players can choose from Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty levels.