JewelQuest II Tournament (Shareware)

JewelQuest II Tournament is an online game in the match-3 genre. The Tournament mode, called “Dueling Jewels”, enables players to compete with other players from anywhere in the world. Players can also compete with a computer (AI) opponent.

This game takes players to Africa to join Professor Pack in his quest for ancient treasures. In this game, players must line up three or more identical jewels together by swapping adjacent jewels in a grid. When three or more jewels have been matched, they are removed from the grid and the jewels above them fall to the empty space. Furthermore, the tiles they are placed on turn to gold. Each tile that has been turned to gold gives a 50-point bonus. The more jewels are matched, the higher the points a player can earn. The level is completed when all of the tiles have been turned to gold. Players can then advance to the next level. There are 180 game levels in JewelQuest II.

If players run out of time in completing a level, they lose one life. To help players earn more points and match more jewels quickly, the game includes power-ups. Users can also collect gold coins from the game grid to earn special moves. The game also provides hints for players who have not made matches in a considerable amount of time.