JewelCAD Pro

Jewellery CAD/CAM Ltd. (Shareware)

JewelCAD Pro is a jewelry designing and modeling program made by Hong Kong-based company Jewellery CAD/CAM Ltd. in partnership with local jewelry manufacturers. This program is a successor to the basic JewelCAD program. This is a 3D free-form modeling tool, which allows users to create unique, artistic, and stylish designs.

JewlCAD Pro has a new programming core, allowing fast extension of its different features. Its main features include a fast Boolean capability, video tutorials, support for real-time editing (move, size, and rotate) during rendering, generation of isoparametric curves on surface, creation of curves on surfaces, and easier manipulation of control points.

JewelCAD Pro also has a non-engineering approach, has STL or Stereolithography data export, photo quality rendering, automatic tools for diamond setting, and design studios to create custom jewelry handouts to be published as marketing materials in the Internet. It also has stone auto-setting features which enable users to do free setting of frames on surface, generate an array of stones along a curve, and auto-set defined regions, or within two curves. The program is also capable of single integrated solutions for design, 3-dimensional viewing, photo-realistic rendering, CNC Machining, a rapid prototyping output for manufacturing, weight calculation, and seamless STL plus SLC data. Every download comes with a new design gallery book over a thousand jewelry designs.