Jewel Quest Solitaire 1.0

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Jewel Quest Solitaire is a jewel-themed solitaire game where cards are matched to make gold. Themes found in the game include wealth, splendor, magic and adventure.  The game’s setting is South America, and as one progresses through the game, fortunes and mysteries are brought to light.  

The game consists of tiles with different jewel designs. It requires the user to match tiles of the same jewel variant.  Every matched jewel variation corresponds to points that enable a user to level up.  A “match 3” condition is also applied to the game, so 3 or more tiles of the same variant are needed to earn game points.  A valid match also pertains to same design tiles arranged in a horizontal or vertical line.   Tile jewel designs consist of coins, diamonds, gold nuggets and skulls.  Matched tiles disappear and new tile combinations drop in the above gaps.  For every correct match, a block from the background turns to gold.  In order to level up, the background must completely be turned into gold.  A time limit is imposed and game over happens when time limit is up, yet background has not been fully turned to gold, or when tile swaps are no longer possible. Game over also costs a player one life and brings the player back to the start level. Jewel Quest Solitaire has 36 boards one can play, and 180 levels in which game play becomes more difficult with each achieved level.