Jewel Quest III

Iwin (Shareware)

Jewel Quest III is a tile-matching game from software company, Iwin.  It is composed of a board divided into grids, each square containing a token or jewel.  Players can switch two adjacent pieces, either horizontally or vertically, in an attempt to align three or more items of the same design.

Once similar tokens are aligned, they disappear and the background squares turn to gold.  Tokens above the matched tiles will drop to the vacated squares on the grid, and should they form a match, they, too, will vanish.  The object of the game is to transform the whole board to a golden color in order to move up to the next level.  

There are 200 levels in Jewel Quest III that presents a challenge of increasing difficulty.  Players will encounter boards that are irregularly-shaped, tokens that require multiple matches before they vanish, squares that cannot be easily reached, and more.  The game takes players to 11 different regions around the globe, each region presenting a unique challenge.  In addition, those who  are up for more can play the Tournament Mode that offers 40 tournament boards distinct from those in the game.

Set with a background story of trying to find a cure for a girl infected with spores, players are challenged to collect jewels and artifacts throughout the game in order to get hold of the remedy for her condition – the mythic Golden Jewel Board.