Jewel Quest II

Iwin (Shareware)

Jewel Quest II is a tile-matching puzzle video game initially released for the personal computer, but was later modified to be played on the popular mobile devices as well. The storyline revolves around Emma and Rupert’s return to Africa where they are met by Aunt Roberta who will be leading the couple to an adventure. Players are tasked to match cards, sweep jewels, and solve the mystery on different locations including the wilds of the safari, the ruins of Zimbabwe, and the majesty of Victoria falls.

There are 114 layouts available in Jewel Quest II with a new set of jewels, coins, and moves. Other features include 180 puzzles and boards, 9 additional jewels and power ups, rich African artwork and locations, and a story of adventure, love, and betrayal. The game can be played with others in Tournament mode and players can conquer five skill levels to reach mastery. The game interface shows what the user needs to do on each level and the score and current level are shown on the bottom of the screen. For instance, the instruction on clicking adjacent tiles to create a group of 3 similar tiles on a horizontal or vertical row will be displayed once the user puts the point on the game screen.