Jewel Quest - Heritage

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Jewel Quest – Heritage is a tile-matching game developed by iWin and published by WildTangent, Inc. It is part of the Jewel Quest and was first released in December 2009. The game’s storyline is set on a regular day in a museum where Rupert Pack works. While working, Rupert is visited by government agents claiming that one of the rare displays in the museum must be withdrawn. If this happens, the museum would lose the Golden Jewel Board. In order to prevent this from happening, the player must take on a journey to save the museum by matching the magical crystals making lines.

As a tile-matching puzzle game, the player’s goal is playing on a grid consists of different tokens like gold nuggets, diamonds, skulls and coins. The player must match three or more matching tokens (either vertically or horizontally). Every time the player matches tokens, the grid positions become gold. The goal is to turn all the grid’s squares into gold. If the player fails before the time limit or when there are no more tokens to swap, the player loses one life and starts the level again. As the player progress through the game, new variations are added to make the game more difficult.

The Jewel Quest – Heritage installment features 35 scenes from all over the globe with more than 175 special Jewel Quest boards. There are also 3 play modes in the game including an Expert mode. The game also features a family tree and puzzle pieces with more portraits unlocked as the level progresses.