Jewel Quest 6

iWin (Shareware)

Jewel quest 6 is an upgrade version of the original game Jewel Quest. The game is a tile-matching game developed by iWin. The game has a Mayan theme board and iconsm which makes the game more fun and interesting. The game play starts with a board filled with different icons such as diamonds, gold nuggets, skullsm and coins. Players should swap icons to match three similar rows or columns squares. When these icons are matched together, it will turn into gold. The main objective of the game is to turn all the icons in the field into gold before the time runs out. Players should have a good strategy to achieve this goal. When the time runs out before turning icons into gold, the player will lose one life and will return from the start of the current level. The game has a recording book, which records accomplished levels and displays upcoming quest. Higher level introduces new challenges, which include irregular game board, hard-to reach squares and tokens that require multiple matching before it become gold.

The point system is based on the matched tiles. The number of squares matched has a corresponding point. As the game progresses, some level will include black tiles, which are considered cursed. When a player matches tiles together with the curse tiles, there will be point deductions.