Jewel Quest 5

iWin (Shareware)

Jewel Quest 5: The Sleepless Star is part of the Jewel Quest game series developed by iWin. It is different from the previous games because it features only match 3 gameplay, as opposed to having mini-games and hidden object episodes within the main plot. This game is set in the early 1900s and features Percy Pack, who is one of Rupert’s ancestors. He is a scientist whose mission it is to find the Sleepless Star, which is a mystical and powerful jewel in Algonquin country. He discovers that it has been stolen and tries to capture the thieves and retrieve the jewel. Together with a young Algonquin lady called Yellow Feather, Percy and the player’s character go on a six-chapter quest made up of more than 200 boards.

The goal of each board is to match a minimum of three jewels in order to turn tiles into gold. The player completes the challenge when all of the tiles are gold within the time limit. Game boards come in many different formats such as the Climbing boards, wherein the player must transform the bottom half of the board into gold. Accomplishing this task will enable the player to play the other half of the board. In the Secret Entrance boards, certain portions of the board are concealed until the player comes up with jewel matches next to them. The Dodge boards feature giant blocks, which the player has to avoid. In the Evasion boards, the player must prevent the ‘bad’ jewels from advancing to the top of the board by neutralizing them.