JetAudio, Inc. (Freeware)

jetToolBar is a program that allows users to launch programs from a single location. The program is an alternative to the Windows start menu. The toolbar can be docked on the edge of the desktop, so users have easy access to commonly used programs and bookmarked web pages. Users can also customize the size and buttons for the toolbar. Some of the shortcuts that can be added to the toolbar include the Taskbar, Power Options, Printers and Scanners, Network Tools, Speech, Windows Firewall, and many others. Furthermore, there are tabs at the bottom of the toolbar that users can click on to access different parts of the computer, such as the Control Panel, Desktop, Word, Utilities, Internet, and others.

Users can also drag the buttons to different locations on the toolbar to customize the appearance. More options are available to the user from the context menu, which can be brought up by right clicking on an icon on the toolbar. Another main feature of the program is auto-hide. This automatically hides the toolbar from view when it is not needed. The toolbar can be brought up on the desktop again by clicking on a hotkey. The program is simple and easy to use even for beginners.