JetStart 4.4

Code Sector Inc. (Freeware)

JetStart is an application that provides users with an alternative method for launching programs in their computers. It allows users to access programs and documents and execute system instructions by simply typing a few letters. It is an ideal application for those who do not like to sort through the categories in Windows Start Menu. With this application, users can simply locate the program or document they need from a convenient toolbar.

This application adds a second menu to the computer’s Start button. This menu pops up when the mouse is hovered over the Start button, and shows the user’s categorized applications. These can also be accessed from a hidden menu in the system tray, which can be accessed by clicking on the program icon. The program’s toolbar enables users to quickly access their commonly-used Windows applications, launch multiple programs at the same time, and organize shortcuts. Users can drag and drop buttons into the taskbar to add arrange or reorder program buttons. The toolbar can be docked to the edge of the screen and resized using the mouse.

The Pro version of JetStart provides users with the ability to append their own categories, activate the program toolbar by holding down the two mouse buttons, and create hotkeys.