JetClean 1.4.0

BlueSprig (Freeware)

JetClean is a registry cleaner that gets rid of broken shortcuts, junk files, invalid registry entries, and other clutter present in the system. Removing these unnecessary items can make a computer run like brand new. The interface is simple and direct. Even novice computer users can operate the application. On the main window, there are three tabs – 1-Click, Tools, and Settings. The 1-Click tab has five components that can be cleaned up by the software. These are the registry, Windows, applications, shortcuts, and the RAM. This is also the tab where users can run or stop the system scan. When the system scan is complete, users can click on the ‘Repair’ button to get rid of the unwanted files.  

The Tools tab contains the clean-up utilities of the program. These are the uninstaller, startup optimization, registry defrag, Internet booster, and performance booster. Some of the components are only available in the Pro version of JetClean. The program has a tool in the settings menu that allows users to create a restore point before any changes are made to the system. The restore point is used to go back to a certain point when the computer is working, in case the computers crashes or certain programs fail to launch after cleaning the system.