Jet Jumper

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Jet Jumper is a platform game in which players make their characters jump to avoid obstacles and collect bonus items until they reach the end of the level. Among the obstacles to avoid are bombs, lava platforms, and laser fences. In this game, there is a machine that allows players to jump from one platform to another. The platforms are situated high in the sky, and players must be careful not to let their characters fall and crash into Earth or they must restart the level. Players must make use of the right timing to jump from one platform to the next in order to avoid lasers and other similar obstacles.

To help players gain points and achieve their goals, they can collect bonuses that are scattered throughout the game area. Some of these bonuses include the following:

• Mega jumps – these enable players to jump very high, avoiding dangerous parts such as lava platforms
• Green keys – collecting these keys removes obstacles from the way so players can jump to another platform without worrying about getting hit
• Magnets – these help players collect gems by attracting these

The game is set on different locations, such as ravines and snowy mountains. There are four worlds to conquer and each world has 12 challenging levels.