Jeroen Kessels Defrag (MyDefrag) 3.36

J.C. Kessels (Open Source)

Jeroen Kessels Defrag or MyDefrag is a disk defragmenter and optimizer. It is capable of defragmenting the disk drive and removing junk files in order to make the computer run faster. It supports USB disks, memory sticks, floppies, and discs. The application scans and defragments three main components of the system. These are the directories and system files, regular files, and large files. The program automatically runs with just a few clicks and it can be operated by novice computer users. To use the application, choose one of the available scripts and then choose a disk to check. The program automatically optimizes and defragments the chosen disk.

The program offers several scripts that users can choose from. Some of them are analyze only, defragment only, optimize daily, consolidate free space, and flash memory disks.

Other features of the Jeroen Kessels Defrag application are the following:
• Screensaver defragmentation
• Offers a variety of command line interface options
• Has a built-in DLL library to use in programming
• Source code available
• Support for 64-bit systems

Jeroen Kessels Defrag does not need to be installed in the computer for it to run. A comprehensive documentation of the application is available on the program’s official website.