JeppView 3 / FliteDeck 3 Tutorial

Jeppesen (Proprietary)

JeppView FliteDeck is an application designed for aircraft use. Specifically, the program can assist in flight planning and flight navigation. It can aid in in-flight replanning, providing emergency operation reports and improving positional awareness during a flight. It provides Jeppesen routes and terminal charts as well.

The program is capable of creating a route using the automatic generating route method. It can enable GPS as well. Additionally, users can choose an airport terminal chart to use. Other features of the application are the following:

• Check out airport information – Pilots can easily view an airport information in a number of ways. They can search for airports by associating them with the active route, filtering by identifier, name or city and selecting on the Plan page.
• GPS Simulator Trainer – It is used to emulate the GPS position for testing and practice purposes. It is intended for users who are new pilots or new to the software.
• Setup terminal charts for viewing – It provides the Jeppesen Terminal Chart Viewer which is used for viewing IFR (Instrument Flight Rules)  and VFR (Visual Flight Rules) Manual terminal charts.
• Establishing Satellite Weather Connection – Provides an installation guide on how to configure an XM WxWorx Satellite Weather Service.
• Add SID and STAR to a route – SID (Standard Instrument Departure) and STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival Route) are procedures and checkpoints that contain route structure information of an airport.