Jeppesen FliteDeck

Jeppesen, Inc. (Shareware)

Jeppesen FliteDeck provides high quality flight charts for many different configurations that pilots use on their PCs or smartphones. This program provides top-notch positional awareness tools and data used mainly for navigation. Jeppesen FliteDeck is compatible with Tablet PC, laptop, Apple iPad, and Windows PC. Jeppesen FliteDeck has the following features:
• Full color vector-based electronic terminal approach charts
• Updated departure and arrival procedures
• Upgraded airport diagrams
• Supplemental paper area and en route charts
• One year of revisions provided which may be done via the Internet

Jeppesen FliteDeck is utility that provides pilots much better situational awareness when used in accordance with real-time weather graphics and moving maps. Jeppesen FliteDeck also has the next waypoint function, which lets the pilot stay ahead of the flight plan. When used with the GPS, this tool also has a moving map display, which provides additional tracking of the airplane while in flight. If the pilot has XM weather subscription, real-time satellite date is available to the pilot as well. In emergencies, the program identifies the nearest airport that the pilot may land.

Users can also customize the route chart theme based on the preference of the pilot. If the pilot needs to search for certain information, aircraft navigators can use a Text Search Feature for quick results.