Jenny's Fish Shop

iWin (Freeware)

Jenny's Fish Shop is a time-management game within which the user must nurture aquatic environments for fish while raising and selling these. Users take control of the game character Jenny who has to manage a pet shop that sells fish. The pet fish comes in different species. The user must feed and raise the fish and equip the shop. The user can decorate the fish shop to attract customers.

When starting Jenny’s Fish Shop, the user has a choice between two pet companions: Sharky the fish or Taz the turtle. The game starts with the user having a few fish and an empty old shop. The user is presented with a selection of fish to put in aquarium tanks. For each fish, the user must select appropriate decorations and food types. The user has to construct tank interiors for the fish to live in and select what food to feed them. When the fish continue to grow, these will have other requirements the user must fulfill. Air filters, lights, tank cleaning, and medication are part of the requirements.

Jenny’s Fish Shop has 45 levels for the user to play through to open nine bonus stages. The game has over a dozen sea creatures for the user to raise, feed, and sell.