Jazz Creation Station (Bundled)

Jazz Creation Station or JCS is the level creation and editing program for the video game Jazz Jackrabbit 2. The game centers around a personified hare named Jazz Jackrabbit, who has to go through a series of stages in order to defeat his enemy Devon Shell, a turtle. The characters use weapons and other tools in the game. The game is divided into parts called levels. The JCS application lets users create their own levels or game areas.

This application provides users with the tools needed in order to create levels in Jazz Jackrabbit 2. One of these is the Tilesets tool. Tilesets are the building blocks of each level and one tileset type is restricted to be used in a certain theme, such as a castle or a jungle. Another is the Events tool, which specifies an action or what happens at the tile a certain event is assigned to. Users can use events to place start positions and enemies on a level. The Layers tool lets users modify the gameplay area and its foreground and background layers.

There are four editing boxes in the application. Each box focuses on a tool or game aspect. One of these is the Animation box where users can control tile movement. Another is the Parallax box where users can see a preview of the level so they can have an idea what it would look like in the game. After creating or editing a level, the user may upload it to the game site where other users can try it out and give points for improvement.