Jaws Unleashed

Appaloosa Interactive (Proprietary)

Jaws Unleashed is an action game inspired by the 1975 film Jaws. In this game, players assume the role of the popular great white shark known for killing humans and destroying everything that gets in its path. The game features an open-ended world that enables players to roam throughout the sea. Players can also choose to follow story-based missions. One of the game’s mission locations is Amity Island, wherein the Fourth of July celebrations are underway. This means that there are plenty of objects to destroy and humans to eat.

As players progress through the game, they will be able to travel to chemical plants, beaches, and aquatic theme parks where they will face off with other marine life, boats, and unsuspecting divers. The more they destroy, the more upgrades they will earn that would allow them to bite, survive, and ram better. There are ten destructible environments and 20 missions to play. Players must be careful not to let anyone catch and kill them.

Players can make use of their Shark Vision to see their victims without them knowing. This ability can also be used to lock on a target. Players can attack underwater, on the surface, and in the air with a powerful jump. There are 32 side quests that players can embark on that can provide bonus unlockable items and features.