Java Web Start

Oracle (Freeware)

The Java Web Start is a framework application that makes it possible to download and run Java technology-based software to launch directly from the Web via a web browser. Users also call Java Web Start as Javaws, JavaWS, or JAWS. The program is compatible with any Web server and browser. Users can activate Java applications from the Internet in one click. As the program is a built-in component of the Java Runtime Environment, installing Java automatically installs JAWS as well. The application is capable of self-updating every time users launch it, ensuring that the system deploys only its latest version.  

This application allows users to launch any downloaded application in three ways: from a browser, a desktop icon, and from the Java Application Cache Viewer. The browser method allows the user to click on a download link to automatically launch a program from a web page. Users can create a shortcut of frequently used applications. This way, they can activate the software without the aid of a browser. Java Web Start also lets users access and run downloaded programs through the Cache Viewer, which displays a Java Control Panel. By clicking on the “View Applications” button of the Java Control Panel, users can choose which application to launch.  

JavaWS solves compatibility issues with various JVM (Java Virtual Machine) versions and Java plug-ins of many browsers. When users write the appropriate JNLP (Java Network Launching Protocol), they can use JavaWS to activate unmodified applets contained in .jar files.