Java Executive by Jar2Exe 2.1

RegExLab's Friends Group (Shareware)

Java Executive by Jar2Exe is a program that provides users with a solution in loading their Java applications. This is application is designed for particular types or versions of Windows, Max, and Linux operating systems. This tool has four major functions. These are to run, wrap, protect, and improve the Java programs installed in the computer. These are tasks that convert .jar files or embed .jar libraries into executive binary files or EXE (.exe) format.

With this tool, users will be able to run their Java-based programs faster, easier, and safer. In addition, users can redistribute Java through encryption and enhance system functions. Furthermore, users may set this program to search the Java runtime environment or JRE on host without manual search. They can find JRE from the JAVA_HOME or JRE_HOME environment variable, the system registry for either IBM JRE or SUN JRE, or the local bundled JRE directory.

This utility also has a “Run as Service” feature that users can select without using any special coding. This is an advanced option. Another improved extra function is its ability to configure Java programs. Java Executive by Jar2Exe is designed with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. It includes two modes that can guide users on how to run Java program. This program may be used in the wizard mode or the command line mode.