Jarte Plus 5.1

Carolina Road Software L.L.C. (Shareware)

Jarte Plus is a word processing application that supports different file formats, such as DOCX, DOC, TXT, and RTF. Documents created with the program can be saved in TXT, DOC, or RTF, but they can also be exported as HTML or PDF documents. The program comes with different features that are present on a standard word processor. Tools are located at the upper portion of the window as buttons. The line number, column, and pages are located at the bottom part of the window.

Here are some of the additional features of the application:

• Shortcut Keys – The application supports shortcut keys. Users can customize the different commands for the word processor using shortcut keys in order to save time and do tasks without having to go through the menu.
• Auto Correct – The program comes with a spell checker that automatically corrects words that are commonly misspelled. Users can also add their own words to the built in dictionary.
• Split View Mode – The program’s split view mode allows users to display two documents at the same time on the window. The documents can be placed one on top of another or side by side.
• Jarte Personalities – Users can save their own Jarte Personalities with settings that are specific to a project. Users can change the font style and size, spacing, and other attributes. This eliminates having to configure project settings each time the word processor is opened.