Jardinains 2!

Magic Chopstick Games (Freeware)

Magic Chopstick Games released Jardinains 2! in 2006. This game is the sequel to the original Jardinains!  released several years earlier. The object of the game remains centered on the garden gnomes which the player needs to defeat armed with a ball and paddle. The gnomes are aggressive little creatures that need to be stopped in several levels of ball and paddle encounters.

In Jardinains 2!, the gnomes do not only exist to cause chaos. They also attack the player directly. The object of the game is to use the ball and paddle together with a series of moves to counteract the attacks from the gnomes. The player must overcome several obstacles by breaking bricks and bouncing balls onto the gnomes. Players should also collect power-ups during gameplay to increase their score and boost the strength of their attacks on a per-level basis. There are over two hundred levels to play and there are new challenges that come with the current version.

Players can also expect more detailed environments in this particular version, which adds to the retro aesthetic of the pixel-based artwork used in the game. These changes come in addition to new background music and sound effects, as well as improved physics.