Japanese Thai Dictionary 2.0 2.3

JTDIC (Freeware)

Japanese Thai Dictionary 2.0 is a free downloadable program that features more than 40,000 words and their meanings and usage. This virtual bi-lingual dictionary is easy to use and can perform translations even without an Internet connection. This handy application is a useful translator program for students, teachers, tourists, aspiring polyglots, or anyone who needs immediate and accurate translation from Japanese to Thai.

This program is designed to function as a dependable and high performance translator. To facilitate ease of use, it offers users with a quick dynamic search function which kicks in while the user is typing a word.
Japanese Thai Dictionary 2.0 also features a voice search function, which is only available when the user is connected to the World Wide Web. Text to speech function is available as well if there is an Internet connection available.

Japanese Thai Dictionary 2.0 has additional functions that regular users will find indispensable in their everyday needs. This utility can save a word for translation to “Favorites,” or opt to save the word to History. A word that needs to be translated may also be copied to the clipboard.  This utility is easy to use and does not require advanced computer skill. The interface and method of navigation are straightforward and designed to facilitate quick word search and translation.