Jane's Realty 2

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Jane's Realty 2 is the sequel to the real-estate building game, Jane's Realty. Like its predecessor, Jane's Realty 2 is a simulation game in which players focus on their skills as a building tycoon. Jane, the main character, is tasked to restore a small town and return its resort to its former glory. The town suffered devastation from a strong earthquake, driving most of its residents away. Desperate for quick recovery, the town's officials enlists Jane's help. Through each of the game's 30 levels, she has to build and renovate homes and industrial structures, repair landmarks and run-down buildings, beautify the landscape with gardens, and gather enough funds to restore the resort.

Money can be earned in three ways: renting houses, selling them, and running a business. The funds are used to buy materials, construct or repair buildings, and acquire properties. House rent increases as the house accumulates better furniture and other features. Improved surroundings also raise the income. The game difficulty lies in finishing the level at Expert level. The player can accomplish this by planning on the best sequence of actions to take, such as what type of building to construct first and which mode of acquiring money to select.

The 2D graphics of Jane's Realty 2 are basic but aesthetically pleasing. The simple graphics also permit easy planning of the order of activities to be carried out. Each map appears as a grid with a certain number of tiles. The size and location of the tiles help suggest the type of building to construct and the number of these to build.