Jane's Hotel Mania 1.0

Realore Studios (Shareware)

Jane’s Hotel Mania is a time management game developed by the company, Realore Studios. It is the third installment of Jane’s Hotel series and features the story of Jane’s niece, Jenny. As Jane’s apprentice, she is given the responsibility of running four hotels, each with a different theme. The player assumes the role of Jenny, and controls her as she goes about her tasks at the hotel. These tasks include preparing meals and drinks for the guests, as well as deliver them the newspaper and phone. She has some support from a maid who does other tasks like do the laundry, clean rooms, and water the plants. A porter is also present to carry the guests’ luggage, fix damaged machines, and give room upgrades.

In each level, the player has to earn a specific amount of money in order to advance to the next level. In addition, all guests have to be served properly in order to reach the goal. Some guests have preferred room types and if the player is able to give that room to the guest, his/her loyalty increases. The more loyal guests there are, the higher the chances of upgrading the hotel rooms. In addition to the main storyline, there are mini-games that the player can try to earn more points.