Jane's Hotel Family Hero

Realore (Shareware)

Jane’s Hotel: Family Hero is a time management game that was first released in 2008. It is the sequel to the Jane’s Hotel game. In the game, players have to help Jane manage a series of hotels to save her family’s legacy. The game takes players to different hotels around the globe including Japan, England, and France.

Players must serve customers that arrive in the hotel. There are different stations available and customers visit the stations and request for different items that must be given to them on time. The game window displays a time bar at the bottom of the screen, which signifies the amount of time remaining before the day or level ends. The player’s goal is to meet the monetary goal for each level. This can be done by serving all the customers before they run out of patience and leave the hotel without paying.

Money earned from each level can be used to shop for upgrades and items for the hotel. Some of these upgrades include lamps, better windows, assistants for Jane, and items that can increase customer patience. Jane’s Hotel: Family Hero comes with more than 40 levels for hours of gameplay. Players get to meet new hotel staff and guests, too.