Jane's F15

Origin Systems (Proprietary)

Jane's F15 is a flight simulator game developed by Electronic Arts and released in 1998. The game features a strike fighter McDonell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle plane. The player acts as the pilot or the Weapons System Officer. However, the default view is of the virtual cockpit. The player can switch between the two characters in mid-play so as to manage weapons and flying better. The game consists of two campaigns—one set in a fictional conflict in Iran and the other, the 1991 Gulf War.

Jane's F15 features more than 150 keyboard commands to control the plane. The game environment features a terrain of more than three million square miles. It also has realistic radio chatter, as well as verbal communication support. The game also supports multiplayer game mode. This is possible through a two-player modem, or by connecting with other players via LAN. The game also features an Instant Action mode. This is best for beginners, enabling players to get up and flying within 5 minutes from game launch.  Players receive instructions and lessons within the first five minutes of the game.

Jane's F15 features two types of gameplay. Campaign mode consists of successive missions. Players may also engage in DogFight with other players. These missions do not advance their campaign mode missions, but may be used to upgrade the plane and the pilot capabilities.