Korg Inc. (Proprietary)

Korg JamVOX software is the proprietary software bundled with the JamVOX practice amplifier for guitar. The amplifier features a standard quarter-inch guitar input jack and headphone jack, as well as a balanced XLR microphone input. The speaker section has a pair of 3-inch speakers operating in stereo, protected by a high quality black metal grille emblazoned with a ghostly Vox logo. The amp communicates to the software and sends audio information via a USB cable. This means that it can also be used as an interface to connect the user’s guitar to a DAW or Digital Audio Workstation.

The Korg JamVOX application has multiple features for guitar amp, effect stomp box and speaker cabinet emulation and simulation. The program has a multitude of guitar amp models, 19 in total. To pair these amp models, there are 12 speaker cabinet models. To further sculpt the perfect tone, users are given a whopping 57 guitar effect stomp models. As far as practice options go, the program doesn’t fall short on that either. The program allows users to import various types of audio files. It allows user to solo out the guitar track and slow it down, muting the rest of the band. It also allows the inverse, muting the guitar track and keeping the band, allowing the user to play a sort of “guitar karaoke.” To summate, the marriage of the hardware and software turns the user’s computer into the ultimate practice amplifier.