jAlbum 11

Jalbum AB (Freeware)

jAlbum is a photo album creation program developed by Jalbum AB which was first released in 2002. The program is used for creating and managing digital albums. Photo management features include sorting images into albums, comment management, and others. The program’s main focus is generating HTML-based and Flash-based image galleries to be published and distributed online.

Some of the features offered by jAlbum are:
• Explorer-like Interface – The program interface looks like the Internet Explorer with a drag-and-drop function for adding and sorting images. Like Explorer, users can also make folders for organizing images. There is also a right-click context menu for accessing different management functions offered by jAlbum such as rotating, sorting, editing, and selecting images as folder thumbnails.
• Image Editing Functions – jAlbum offers image editing tools such as cropping and straightening tools. Users can also fine tune the images by adjusting the gamma levels and applying artistic filters such as Invert, Pixelate, and Sepia. Adding text to the images is also possible.
• Customization Features – Users can also customize the program via the use of skins. Skins are downloadable plug-ins, which define the feature set and layout of the created digital albums. Editing and creating skin templates is possible using the built-in editor.
• Album Uploading – Users can upload digital albums to any website.