Jagged Alliance.Back In Action.v 1.12 + 4 DLC (Shareware)

Jagged Alliance Back in Action is part of the popular Jagged Alliance computer game series. This strategy game offers players an isometric 3D experience. This game is set in Arulco, a fictitious island territory that is governed by a dictator with an iron fist. Against his ruthless rule stands a band of rebels. Players of the game are tasked to command mercenaries by choosing from a wide array of unique characters, and they also need to utilize different tools in order to accomplish various missions. One of the missions in the game is to free a country from their oppressive leader.

Jagged Alliance.Back In Action.v 1.12 + 4 DLC features detailed character models. Another highlight of this real-time strategy game is the dynamic game play. Players are provided with an arsenal of economic, diplomatic, tactical tools to prepare the rebels troop for the next battle. Players of the game must also formulate strategy in order to provide their troops with the necessary supplies.

Jagged Alliance Back in Action is a modern rehash of a classic favorite and utilize the “plan and go” combat system. This game also has turn-based elements, role-play characteristics, and business strategy concepts involved. This innovative game tactical RPG features realistic-looking firearms and war setting. Players can utilize strategic maps to position troops, capture encampments and mines.